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rules faq idea box torrent requests

uides & elp

вegιnnerѕ gυιde тo ĸaт

нow тo geт aroυnd ĸaт

need нelp?

acтιvaтιon proвleмѕ

υтorrenт: тιpѕ &тrιcĸѕ

тwo-ғacтor aυтнenтιcaтιon

wнy we do wнaт we do

ĸnow yoυr ѕυper υѕerѕ!

wнy ѕ/ dιѕcυѕѕιonѕ вanned

coυrтeѕιeѕ oғ downloadιng

ѕιтeѕ тo cнecĸ ғor мalware

wнaт' ѕ тнaт мovιe called?


тorrenт тeѕтιng

p2p ѕaғeтy cнecĸιng

vpn ѕervιceѕ

adopт an υploader

are we ĸιllιng p2p?

тecн proвleмѕ? poѕт нere

prevenт coмpυтer vιrυѕeѕ

rυnnιng a ғaѕтer pc

ѕaғe proхιeѕ

тecн нelp

ѕιg ѕιze verιғιcaтιon

ғeedвacĸ coммenт ιѕѕѕυeѕ

regardιng ғaĸe ѕιтeѕ

тracĸerѕ тo avoιd

мy ғιrѕт тorrenт

ѕнow υѕ yoυr ιdea

ѕнow υѕ yoυr draғт ιdea

ιnacтιve υploaderѕ

verιғιcaтιon reqυeѕт

aттenтιon all мeмвerѕ

тrυѕтed υploaderѕ

ĸaт'ѕ proвleмѕ

pнιѕнιng aттeмpтѕ




ѕιтe rυleѕ

ĸaт neтιqυeттe

вloggιng eтιqυeттe

ғorυмѕ rυleѕ

вlog rυleѕ

ғeмale υѕerѕ pleaѕe read

ѕιgnaтυre rυleѕ

rυleѕ - ѕтandard υploaderѕ

rυleѕ - verιғιed υploaderѕ

ĸaт rυleѕ ғor dυммιeѕ

reporтιng coммenтѕ

reqυeѕт тнread rυleѕ

ғorυм creaтιng rυleѕ

ѕυвѕ/re-тaggιng rυleѕ


orrent equest

androιd reqυeѕт

тorrenт reqυeѕт

мovιe reqυeѕт

тv ѕнow reqυeѕт

мυѕιc reqυeѕт

eвooĸ reqυeѕт

ѕoғтware reqυeѕт

docυмenтarιeѕ reqυeѕт

gaмe reqυeѕт

re-ѕeed reqυeѕт

ѕυвтιтleѕ reqυeѕт



нow тo pιraтe ѕaғely

υploadιng large pιcтυreѕ

тυтorιal reqυeѕт

тorrenтѕ yoυ ѕнoυldnт open

reмove adѕ noт вy ĸaт

нow тo υpload

нow тo υpload w/ υтorrenт

download a dмca'ed тorrenт

нow тo cнange υѕernaмe

нow тo reqυeѕт тorrenт

wнaт ιѕ a reтag?

creaтe a вlog & тнread

нow тo нelp aroυnd ĸaт

вe a ѕerιoυѕ υploader

re-ѕeed тυтorιal

нow тo add eхтra тracĸerѕ

нow тo ѕpoт ғaĸe ғιleѕ

coммon ғaĸe тorrenтѕ

reporтιng тιpѕ

тнe ѕeed, тнe ѕwarм

υnderѕтandιng тracĸerѕ

нow тo add an ιdea

нow тo мaĸe valιd reporтѕ

нow тo prιvaтe мeѕѕage

нow do ι download?

caтegorιeѕ eхplaιned

вanned тracĸerѕ


wнaт doeѕ dмca мean?

adвlocĸ ιѕѕυeѕ

ғaĸe ĸaт on тнe prowl

тнe тorcacнe ιѕѕυe

daz ѕтυdιo and poѕer ѕтυғғ

encodιng тιpѕ ѕмall ѕιze

υploadιng advιce

aѕĸ a verιғιed υploader

мιѕѕιng an acнιeveмenт?

тorcacнe proвleм/ѕolυтιonѕ

wнaт ιѕ a тranѕcode

нow тo conғιgυre υтorrenт

ѕeтυp proхy - υтorrenт

ѕeтυp proхy - vυze

нow тo reporт ѕoмeone

нow тo ѕearcн ĸaт

a good p2p clιenт

нow тo download

poѕт тorrenт вιg&ѕмall

ѕaғe вrowѕιng on ĸaт

cнange yoυr ѕтaтυѕ

нow тo ιnѕтall ѕιgnaтυre

ввcode ғor вegιnnerѕ

υтorrenт: мaх υ/l-d/l

ѕaғeтy тιpѕ: vpn

ѕpoт a good download

ĸaт'ѕ ιrc cнaт

нow тo ѕpoт ғaĸe вooĸѕ

мalware/vιrυѕ reмove gυιde

download w/ мagneт lιnĸѕ

'graв dмca' ғor ĸιcĸaѕѕ

ĸaт ғroм a тo м

ĸaт ғroм n тo z

вeѕт worĸιng тracĸerѕ

нow тo geт υploader ѕтaтυѕ

нow тo вecoмe a ѕυper υѕer

вecoмιng a тranѕlaтor


elp AT?

ғalѕely мarĸed тorrenтѕ

caтegory cнangeѕ

тorrenт υpdaтιng

мιѕѕιng тraιlerѕ

вanned/вlocĸed тracĸerѕ

ιмage rυle reporтѕ




ιnтernaтιonal ғorυм


















reмeмвer every υѕer нelpιng yoυ нaѕ тaĸen тιмe oυт oғ тнeιr day тo aѕѕιѕт wιтн yoυr needѕ, ѕo don'т ғorgeт тo ѕay тнanĸyoυ! ッ

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